Membership Registration Form

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Section A – Correspondence details

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Section B - Your Complementary School’s activities

1. Name of Organisation

2 .Address of school/premises where classes take place

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4. What are the age groups of the children who attend?

0-4 years5-7 years8-10 years11-13 years14-16 years16+ years

5. How many children are enrolled in the school?

6. How many hours or classes are there per week? (please specify)

7. What National Curriculum subjects are taught? (if applicable)

EnglishMathsScienceICTOther (please specify)

8. What languages are taught? (if applicable)

9. What other activities take place?

DanceDramaSingingArtsSportsReligious studiesCultural activitiesOther (please specify)

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Section C - Additional information

1. On what days and what times does the school run?

2. Is any formal accreditation available for the languages and/or additional activities being taught? (if so please specify)

3. Is your complementary school a registered Charity and/or Company Ltd.?

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4. What is the ethnic origin of the majority of children attending the school?

5. Total number of paid staff

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7.Total number of management committee members

Section D – Information about partnership working

1. Does your school work with a maintained school?


2. If yes, please give details about the nature of the partnership;

3. Please provide three names of the management committee/trustees




4. Would your school be interested in joining the following partnership?

Complementary Schools Forum/NetworkComplementary Schools Cluster

5. Is your school a member of the National Resources Centre for supplementary schools?


6. Has your school achieved any of the following Quality Framework?


7. Has your school achieved any of the following Quality Framework?

8 .Please detail below the date the award was given.